Can an instrument make your lab more accurate, productive, frugal, and fun?

Bigger isn’t always better. In the case of your benchtop spectrophotometer, it means:

  • You’re tethered to one location.

  • You’re stuck in a bottleneck in the middle of your workflow.

  • You’re wasting a (relatively) large amount of sample with every test.

If your application is one of the seven in this free guide, you can switch to something portable today. Fill out the form and download your free guide now.

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Shed the status quo

Would you rather be chained to your workspace or free to move around as your heart desires?

Not every lab technician can carry their instrument to perform tests in the best spot in the lab. You know, the spot where the afternoon sun hits just right. 

But if your application is one of the seven in  your free portable spectrophotometer guide, you can enjoy that sun every day.

For most labs using a large benchtop spectrophotometer, switching to portable instruments will:

  • Increase profits (because you can run more tests faster)

  • Streamline workflow (because you get rid of instrument bottlenecks)

  • Simplify data processing (because your old instrument isn’t friendly)

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Download this guide and face inefficiencies head on

There are inefficiencies inherent in every lab instrument that needs to spend its entire working life in one location. 

Your benchtop spectrophotometer might be one of them. 

Large benchtop spectrophotometers can be the source of inefficiencies in your lab related to:

  • Technicians transporting samples from one location to the test location. 

  • Demand to use the instrument creating bottlenecks in the lab.

  • Limited lab space where you don’t have room for specialized instruments (but you would if you cleared some space).

  • (Relatively) large volumes of samples are required and often wasted in the tests.

If you want to learn more about clearing space, reducing costs, and increasing productivity, download the guide.