The Buying Basics of Anaerobic Chambers 

A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Anaerobic Chamber

The Anaerobic Chamber has been instrumental in numerous technological advancements throughout history, opening the doors for scientific opportunities to do advanced biological research and culture within the lab. However, every application is different. That is why choosing the right Anaerobic Chamber is a crucial first step. If you’re not sure where to start, sign-up for a copy of our comprehensive, expert-approved Anaerobic Chamber buyer’s guide today!

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What’s In Store for You

Standard Features to Have

OThe right anaerobic chamber must have all design requirements and specifications necessary for working with oxygen-sensitive biomaterial. Learn about the most important features you need to have in a unit.

Anaerobic Chambers vs Gas Jars

Not sure how to choose between an anaerobic chamber and a gas jar? Read through our comparison to get a better idea of which system could be more beneficial for you.

Special Considerations

The kind of Anaerobic Chamber you need to purchase is highly dependent on several factors related to your workload, lab space, and samples. But again, every lab is different. Browse through our list of tips and discover which factors of your current lab setup need to be considered when shopping around for a new Anaerobic Chamber.

All About Applications

While Anaerobic Chambers are generally for assessing and studying oxygen-sensitive biomaterials within a low oxygen environment, they provide other uses across multiple industries. Read through the guide and learn about other ways you can utilize your new Anaerobic Chamber.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Working with oxygen-sensitive biomaterial doesn’t have to be a one-man job. This guide includes recommendations for different special Anaerobic Chambers that can accommodate multiple operators or single operators.

Finding Automated Solutions

Some labs will need automated solutions to streamline and optimize their workflow. Check out our recommendations for automated Anaerobic Chambers and features to consider for increasing productivity.