Cannabis products lean on nostalgia to drive sales among generational consumers
Cannabis companies can deliver brands that bring back blasts from the past

Cannabis companies nationwide are bringing out brands and products heavily reminiscent of early 1980’s to 1990’s defunct record labels, rock-band encores, and cult-classic throwbacks. The revival of this remix aimed to build brands based on fond memories and good times of hazy days years prior.

Companies are actually finding wild success from new audiences. Research shows that nostalgia affects consumer behavior and increases purchases by evoking positive emotions and experience from memories of belonging and coming of age. 

“Cannabis is a very emotional thing”, said Hagen, 4Front’s supply-chain director. 

Taking advantage of human nature, cannabis entrepreneurs are putting new spins on old favorites. For instance, Reefers by Sublime’s inaugural product lineup, which asked Southern California consumers to smoke two joints, is inspired from Sublime’s 1992 debut album, ‘Smoke Two Joints’. Some companies are launching reanimated product lines commemorating a 1981 animated stoner flick, selling 1988 line of flavored blunts, and reproducing the ritual of loading a triple chamber bong with flowers packaged in clear baggies. 

Releasing OG strains in the market introduces younger audiences to the imagery that captured the zeitgeist of earlier days. It also wins over fans who were once young adults. Resurrecting the 90's experience is an authentic way of capturing an audience. 

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