NBA to let players promote, invest in, and consume marijuana this season
Professional sports leagues giving their once zero-tolerance attitude toward cannabis a break. Major endorsement opportunities for the cannabis industry!

The cannabis tide is turning in pro sports. 

A tentative bargaining agreement between the National Basketball Association and players’ union would eliminate marijuana testing from the NBA’s drug testing program. This promising agreement opens up new sources of funds, investment opportunities, and sponsorships for marijuana companies amidst a tight market. This seven-year agreement would mark a first for the NBA, the shift reflecting that of public opinion.

“Sports definitely heals, the kind of thing that brings it [country] back together. And I feel the same thing about the cannabis plant. I really feel like the cannabis plant is a natural healer, and it fosters community," Al Harrington, former NBA player and co-founder of LA-based Viola Brands, declared as he talked about the commonality between basketball and marijuana during his latest NPR appearance. According to Harrinton, 85% of NBA players are openly using marijuana and are expressing their support for its legalization. Harington and fellow former NBA player J.R. Smith have been lobbying for legalization of marijuana since 2019.

The National Football League (NFL),  Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and other sports leagues have gradually eased up restrictions to marijuana use and testing protocols.

Tamika Tremaglio, NBPA executive director, sees a framework that recognizes their players as true partners with the NBA and the business world, considering their sphere of influence.
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