Ontario Chamber of Commerce urges province to permit cannabis lounges
Cannabis companies can see increased investments and profits, and restricted margin squeeze behavior

To champion the legal cannabis sector, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce is calling on the provincial government to allow cannabis consumption establishments. 

This is to overcome the major hurdles provided by a restrictive regulatory regime that put a damper on the growth and economic potential of the industry, especially to small businesses currently suffering losses. 

The Chamber also recommended for the province to collaborate with the federal government in striking a balance between safeguarding public health and providing cannabis companies opportunities to develop distinct brand and product offerings that can compete with illegal actors.  The Chamber is also pushing for the Ontario Cannabis Store to give quarterly updates on any progress.  

Other recommendations included: 

  • Allowing licensed producers and retailers to have more direct relationships by modernizing regulations

  • Going after lost tax revenues from underground markets 

  • Tackling issues related to cannabis stores clustering  

Steps made by the Chamber can help cannabis companies become more self-sustaining, and have the industry see an increase in cash flow. 

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