Soccer Moms an Untapped but Valuable Market for CBD Gummies
Moms show increasing preference for CBD products over other health trends

In a survey done by Pew Research back in 2021, 58% of mothers see parenting as a crucial part of their identity.

The catchphrase “Soccer Mom” which gained popularity back in the mid-1990s, now represents all kinds of devoted moms who spend more or less 7 hours a day supervising their children’s daily bout of extracurricular activities. From preparing everything that is needed to ferry kids around on top of household chores, soccer moms surely face physical and mental exhaustion.

During the pandemic, we’ve seen CBD and cannabis-infused products increasingly flood shelves which enticed new target consumers like stay-at-home or working moms who love the benefits offered by CBD products, especially in helping them keep up with their kids and crazy schedules. 

Some of the forms of CBD products that have seen strong sales since 2020 with no signs of slowing and which frazzled moms fawn over include:

  • Sleep gummies 

  • Energy or immunity-boosting gummies

A third to one-half of adults suffer from an inability to sleep. Luckily, cannabinoid compounds have been studied and are known to induce relaxation and aid sleep. After a long day, Delta 8 sleep gummies (which are remarkably adept at promoting a deep, restful nights’ sleep) are a must-have in a mom’s nighttime regimen and stress management strategy. 

To remain active while protecting oneself from illness is another distressing concern for moms who need to stay in tip-top shape for their children. Energy and immunity-boosting gummies are in demand and are selling out fast as they provide moms with the additional supplement they need to keep them kicking through the day. 

Makers of premium cannabis-based products should aim to lure more of this target market with products supported by marketing materials that speak directly to the soccer mom demographic.

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