The top 5 benefits of spray drying for THC & CBD oil
Cannabis powder is changing the industry. Here’s how.

The next cannabis revolution is already beginning. Innovative businesses in the cannabis space are making quiet investments in spray dryers.


Because they want to be the first to produce high quality CBD powder, THC powder, and other cannabinoid powders with spray drying technology. They want to capture more of the market share on this new product that will dominate the industry in the next five years. 

And you can join them. 

Food and pharma
have been using spray drying technology for a century

Spray drying may be new to cannabis, but the technology is more than a hundred years old (and has played a big part in your life, whether you realize it or not!). Every time a liquid has been converted into a shelf-stable powder, there’s a good chance a spray dryer was involved. It’s synonymous with food production and the pharmaceutical industry. It’s the reason everything from powdered milk to encapsulated antibiotics exist.

Now, it’s being used to shape the cannabis industry, too.

Spray dryers have been used across food, pharma, biotech and other industries. Now, they can be used to benefit the cannabis industry, too. Spray dryers refine cannabinoid oils (like THC oil and CBD oil) into a fine powder, without losing any of the qualities cannabis products need.

The advantages are astounding. At every stage in the supply chain, from growers and distributors, to product manufacturers and retailers, early adopters are making an investment in the future of cannabis.

Here are the top five benefits of investing in a spray dryer:
(believe us, it was hard to limit the list to just five!)

1. Obliterate your shipping and storage costs per milligram of bioavailability

We’ll talk about the many consumer and production benefits of the powder in a minute, but let’s start with the cost-savings involved. Spray drying reduces your cannabis oil products’ weight per milligram of bioavailability by turning it into a micro-emulsified powder. Consumers get a better experience with less product.  

2. Increase your product shelf life

Longer-lasting products help your business. By stocking your shelves with a cannabinoid powder, you’ll have more to offer customers on-hand. And you’ll reduce waste. Two very good things for any business. In addition to taking up a fraction of your shelf space, cannabis powder also lasts longer than oil. The average shelf life of a spray dryer product is over one year. 

3. Consistent product composition

Consistency is key with your product. It’s what makes customers trust you, and keeps them coming back to you time and time again. Businesses and consumers alike want consistency. And with the industry growing as fast as it is, it’s important your lab-scale process validation and product development can keep up with demand. 

Spray drying makes it easier to produce standardized cannabinoid-infused products for repeatable, predictable consumer experiences. Feel confident that you’ll get consistent products and particle sizes, batch after batch. And your customers, consumers or product manufacturers, know exactly what they get with your product. 

4. Fast-acting, predictable, and repeatable experiences

Longer shelf life and easier storage are great. So is cheaper transportation and more consistent product composition. But how does cannabis oil benefit consumers? 

Spray drying your oil into cannabis powder gives consumers a better experience. One that’s fast-acting, predictable, and replicable. Water-soluble cannabis powder is simultaneously absorbed through the mouth, intestines, and liver. This means it allows for better absorption than CBD oil or THC oil. In fact, the onset window for cannabis powder is about 20 minutes, and effects last for up to 4 hours. 

And with a more predictable experience (see Benefit #3), customers know what they’re getting from your product, and will keep coming back for more.

5. Absolute solubility

We all know water and oil don’t mix. 

Spray drying allows you to create a powdered product with absolute solubility, without losing any of the benefits. The micro-emulsified powder is water-soluble, making it easy for use in cannabis-infused products like drinks and edibles.

6. Bonus benefit: A more eco-friendly choice

We couldn’t stop at five! Not when there’s a growing demand from customers and business owners for more environmentally conscientious products. From the production stage to shipping, cannabis powder is proven to be a far more eco-friendly alternative, making your customers (and the planet) happier.  

Spray drying technology is going to make cannabis powder the most-in demand product on shelves in the next five years. The resulting water-soluble THC powder or CBD powder lasts longer in storage, transports at a lower cost per milligram of bioavailability, and mixes better with edible and drinkable products, and more. 

There’s an opportunity to grow profits, set yourself apart and be a leader in the next cannabis revolution.

Interested in exploring the possibilities? Let’s talk.

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