The Complete Buyer’s Guide to Incubators

Add value to your workplace by upgrading to an incubator that streamlines your laboratory’s workflows without making a massive dent in your budget. Download the Incubators Buyer’s Guide to identify the most valuable features for your lab.

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Explore the features that make the greatest improvements in your incubation processes.

Our comprehensive guide highlights the advantages of specific incubator models, so you know you’re picking the right incubator for your application.

By downloading this guide, learn how your lab can:
  • Cut down on maintenance and power supply costs.

  • Protect valuable samples from contamination and laboratory tampering

  • Maximize productivity in the lab using programmability and remote functionality

Equip yourself with the knowledge you need to make the right purchase. Our guide boils down everything you need to know without dragging you through the nitty-gritty. You’ll be an expert by the time you’re done.

Tailor Your Upgrade to Your Budget

With a wide variety of features within incubator technology, use our guide to select the features that work best for your application, so you don’t break your budget over expensive tech you don’t need.

Save Work Hours with Programmability

Save trips to your incubator with programmable functions to automate temperature changes, making your incubating process more efficient.

Upgrade Equipment and Operator Safety

With advanced self-diagnostic features, our incubators keep your lab environment and lab technicians safe. Flip through our guide to learn more about the self-diagnostic processes these incubators can do.

Explore Energy Efficient Options

or those looking to cut down on power consumption or upgrade to a backup power supply, there’s an incubator solution for you. Use our guide to read how your incubator can help you cut down on energy expenditure and preserve samples during power outages.

Reduce Contamination Risk

Our incubators are structurally designed to prevent bacteria build-up and keep contaminants out. Read through our guide to learn more about the measures taken to protect your incubated samples.

Dig into Incubator Models

Our comprehensive guide gives you a good breakdown of the advantages of each incubator model we carry. Use the guide to compare models and decide which features work best for you.