The Complete Buyer’s Guide to PCR Workstations

When you upgrade your lab’s older infrastructure or want to expand your capacity with new PCR workstations, you want to add real value to your workplace. Features that matter to your application, not costly frills. Download the PCR Workstations Buyer’s Guide to identify the most valuable features for your lab.

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Get insight into the features that matter most for your lab's PCR workstation.

This guide gives you the most up-to-date rundown of PCR workstation features. It equips you to give your lab the best return on investment.

Download this guide to learn how your lab can:

  • Improve worker productivity by reducing ambient noise

  • Protect samples from contamination

  • Maintain stable environmental conditions for delicate samples

  • Reduce the risk of sample contamination before and during use

  • Automate decontamination processes between generations of samples

Educate yourself so you make the right purchase. This guide lays out everything you need to know in a clear, direct way. You’ll be an expert by the time you’re done.

Upgrade and Avoid the Frills You Don’t Need

Choose your PCR workstation for the samples you anticipate. This guide helps you distinguish the features you need from the ones you don’t so you can make your budget go further.

Minimize Noise Disturbances

Productivity in the workplace decreases as noise increases. Find the features that reduce noise generated by your PCR workstation and invest in productivity.

Choose Between Air Pressure Types

Get the most out of your PCR workstation by finding appropriate features for your samples. Learn more about “positive pressure” and “still air” to determine which is best for your application.

Protect Operator Safety

Safety is every lab’s first priority. Get the rundown on safety features that matter for applications in your lab.

Automate Sample Decontamination Processes

Automating menial tasks frees lab workers to do skilled work. Learn about the most suitable decontamination automation features for your application.

Customize Contamination Control

Tailor the contamination control options to your samples to maximize the workstation’s capabilities and minimize costs on features you may not use. Learn more about HEPA filters to find out if they’re right for your application.