A Complete Buyer’s Guide to Stirrers and Shakers

Stirrers and shakers are usually pretty straightforward to use. However, no matter how much experience you have using them, buying them is a whole different ball game. To make the process easier, we simplified the nitty-gritty and packed it into a guide so you can make an informed purchase in a comfortable amount of time.

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Our guide gives you insight into the latest technology in the stirrer and shaker world so you can equip your lab with the tools to expand your research and take on bigger challenges.

Download this guide to learn how your department can:

  • Cut down maintenance costs by investing in autonomous technology

  • Automate safety processes in your laboratory

  • Reduce sample and solution waste caused by stirring and shaking units that lack precision

Equip yourself with the knowledge to make the right purchase. Our guide breaks down everything you need to know in a straightforward, concise narrative. You’ll be an expert by the time you’re done.

Upgrade without Pricey Frills You Don’t Need

There are more features built into stirrers and shakers than you think. Sift out the ones you don’t need through our guide so you can put your funds where your lab’s needs are.

Save Precious Work Time with Programmability

Any equipment with autonomous capabilities frees up your time to focus on other pressing matters throughout the day. Use our guide to learn what stirrer and shaker programmability means, and how it can help you make the best of your workday.

Upgrade Safety, Too

Lab managers can exhale with automated safety features knowing that lab technicians are always safe and equipment remains under control. Read more about how stirrer and shaker technology automates safety procedures.

Find the Right Package

Or fly solo with a product. We sell our units in the form of a “main body” or a set. Find exactly what you’re looking for in a budget that works for you.

Customize Your Unit with Add-Ons

No lab is the same, and neither are their applications. Read our guide to learn about how stirrers and shakers allow you to tailor your unit to your application, so you get the most out of your equipment.

Explore Yamato’s Collection of Stirrers and Shakers

Get product recommendations from lab experts for lab experts. We understand your day-to-day trials because we’ve faced them in our own labs. With our wide selection of stirrers and shakers, we’ll help you find the unit that’s just right for you.