How to Purchase the Right Vented Balance Enclosure

First time investing on a VBE? Avoid the hullabaloo. Find key questions to answer, valuable features and important tips to consider before making a purchase. Get your FREE copy of the exclusive Vented Balance Enclosure buyer’s guide from Yamato Scientific America today.

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What’s In Store for You

Quick Questions

Answer 4 quick questions on personal requirements and preferences to start your Vented Balance Enclosure unit selection process.

Key Features to Get

Read a list of essential features to look out for and prioritize in a Vented Balance Enclosure -- from audio and visual alarm systems, adjustable front draft, front viewing sash, and more.

VBEs vs Fume Hoods

Learn the difference between Vented Balance Enclosures and traditional fume hoods to know and assess which equipment suits your application best.

Filter Your Options

Decide on what filtration system to get by reviewing and weighing pros and cons of common filter options available in the market today.

Installation Tips from the Experts

Discover the right place to position your VBE for minimized vibrations, optimum balance performance, and reliable sample containment.

YSA Recommendations

Find vented balance enclosure models highly recommended for weighing applications in pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotech laboratories.