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Whether you’re using small quantities of ultrapure water for buffers and reagents, or you run multiple purification systems as part of your HPLC, LCMS, or other instrument setups. 

Learn the features that actually make a difference in your application, the factors that can reduce your cost per liter of ultrapure water and the total cost of ownership of your system, and the questions you should ask whether you choose to work with us or not.

Get the research that’s already done for you

I mostly needed 2 things from my water filtration system. The first was a low cost of ownership, because my grant was pretty limited. The second was reliable quality because I need to publish my results, and those results needs to be trustworthy. The guide helped me get both.

Shannon Marion, Lab Manager

The guide helped me save my lab more than 60% on its annual ultrapure water cost.

Dominique Biq, PhD Student.

We tend to stick to a particular brand (I won’t include it here) for most instruments in the lab. A friend forwarded me this guide and it led to the first purchase of a different brand water purifier. Now it’s the only brand I’ll ever recommend.

Robert Price, Process Manager

Avoid the hidden costs that come after purchasing

The purchase cost and the cost of replacement filter cartridges aren’t the only factors that go into your total cost of ownership. 

Learn about the hidden costs of purchasing a lab water purifier and how to avoid them, or how to prepare your budget for inevitable expenses that come after purchasing.

Learn how to avoid hidden costs

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Ultrapure water from Brand B is the exact same as ultrapure water from Brand Y. 

Both integrate with your application in the exact same way. 

But everybody always seems to talk about Brand B - and Brand B has a total cost of ownership that’s as much as 3X higher than Brand Y. 

Read this guide and learn how to find your Brand Y based on the unique needs in your workplace.

Find out the secret nobody in your lab knows