They Call It Atomic Cleanliness

How to obliterate solvent costs + waste and still achieve the surface cleanliness your application needs


Learn if your lab can benefit

Not sure if a plasma cleaner can improve your application?

The research is already done for you.

Get your hands on this comprehensive guide outlining applications that benefit from plasma cleaning, and how exactly you can qualify those benefits. 

Access tips for planning ahead, the features that actually make a difference in your application, and the questions you should ask whether you choose to work with us or not.

An easy way to get rid of a lot of solvents

How much does your lab spend on solvents for cleaning surfaces of semiconductors or solar cells, medical device parts or similar items? What about disposal of those solvents?

That’s the first way plasma cleaning helps your lab. 

  • There are no solvents. 

  • There’s no solvent disposal. 

So the cost and logistics surrounding that are immediately eliminated.

There are at least 9 applications where plasma cleaning makes work easier.