Lose Less Product in Commercial-Scale Spray Drying

Make data-driven choices with your lab-scale spray dryer so you’re certain your production-scale process is as profitable as it can be.

Read the free guide here and learn the questions to ask early in the lab-scale process. Help your colleagues figure out if that process is optimizing or impeding your production-scale process. Start by asking:

  • What’s your optimal particle size?

  • What’s the ideal temperature profile?

  • What measure of purity does the final produce require?

  • What is your moisture threshold?

Then read the free guide to draw out more of the valuable information you need.

Read the spray drying guide for free:

What’s In Store for You

Understanding The Spray Drying Process

Your final product can be affected by parameters like nozzle size, inlet temperature and flow rate, and sprayed pressure. Narrow down your potential spray dryer options even further by acquainting yourself with the spray drying process.

Will A Yamato Spray Dryer Work For Me?

Not sure if your samples are compatible with a Yamato system? Inside, you’ll find a copy of our Preliminary Survey Sheet that you can fill out and send to us for a free consultation.

Product Comparisons

Get a simple breakdown of each Yamato spray dryer model’s capabilities and advantages to help you pick out the right unit for your facility.

Thinking About Your Finished Product

No time for a consultation? Look through our list of helpful guide questions, answer them, and keep your options open while you shop around for a spray dryer to help ensure you get the correct equipment.

Working With Actives

More often than not, materials that need to be spray dried will require a formula. If you’re working with actives, we have a list of questions that may just help you determine if a particular spray drying unit will be compatible with your feed formula or not. 

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