So, You Want To Buy An Autoclave

Expert-Approved Tips for Choosing The Right Steam Sterilizer for Your Lab

Despite the popularity of autoclaves, many would-be users still find themselves scratching their heads, trying to make sense of all the models, sizes, options, and components that are out there. Let this expert-approved guide serve as a cheat sheet to getting everything you need in an autoclave and maximizing your investment today!

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What’s In Store for You

Planning Ahead

The buying process starts long before you begin looking at actual autoclave models. Your current throughput capacity and your facility are just two factors that can affect your autoclave choices. We break down everything from size to lab layout and more inside.

Utility Checklist

Part of the pre-planning process includes making sure your autoclaves are within vital utilities to ensure effective sterilization. Go through our utility checklist to make sure you have everything you need for your autoclave.

Let's Talk Specifics

We dive into all of the configurations and features you need to optimize your productivity within this guide, discussing the pros and cons of every single feature so you can make a truly informed decision.

Water Wonders

Water can drastically impact an autoclave's lifespan and determine the types of loads that you can sterilize. This guide contains an entire section on the different types of water you can use, along with the benefits and limitations of each water source for sterilization.

Matching Your Load Types to Autoclave Cycles

Use our easy-to-understand table to determine the most effective autoclave cycle to use for the specific load types you plan to sterilize.

Getting Steamy   

There are three principal ways to heat an autoclave and generate steam. Learn about each method as we weigh in on the benefits and drawbacks of each method.