Ultra Low-Temperature Freezers. Stable Vaccine Storage for Clinics, Doctor’s Offices, Hospitals.

Learn how to eliminate vaccine waste with the new wave of COVID-19 vaccines. Bring ultra low-temperature stability to your workplace in the most financially responsible way you can. Learn about smart design and vaccine security through the right combination of hardware and software.

Download the guide that tells you exactly what your workplace needs to store COVID-19 vaccines, protect them, and get them safely into arms in your area. What you need might not be what other clinics in your network need. Find out now.

What's in this guide for you?

Hundreds of millions of doses of vaccine are migrating across the US right now. And you can bet every vial of vaccine waste will be scrutinized.

Download this guide to learn how your workplace can: 

  • Protect COVID-19 vaccines from spoilage

  • Protect vaccines from theft

  • Secure and track access for accountability

  • Maximize the department’s cold storage budget

  • Run new vaccine freezers efficiently without risking performance impacts

Learn about the features that matter most in your workplace for today’s vaccines and the coming generations.

2X Variable Speed Hermetic Compressors

Battery Backup.

User Access Control

COVID-19 Vaccine Storage

Guaranteed Constant Temperature Setpoint

Battery-Operated Alarm