Ultra Low-Temperature Freezers for Pharmacies. Your (and you’re) Essential to End this Pandemic.

This free guide tells you exactly how to properly store some multiple types of COVID-19 vaccine. Learn about the features that matter most in your area, from design quirks that improve temperature stability to security features that prevent theft and access control features to make sure no vaccines go to waste. Get your copy today, before you spend valuable budget on a new freezer

Download your copy of the modern vaccine freezer guide. Updated in 2021, this free guide lays out exactly what your pharmacy needs to be a case study in success for this generation of COVID-19 vaccines, and the generations to follow.
Use this guide to learn how to use your vaccine freezers properly 

Vaccine freezers for COVID-19 vaccines aren’t the same as the refrigerators used for seasonal influenza vaccines.

Download this guide to learn how your pharmacy can:
  • Train staff to use vaccine freezers properly

  • Protect COVID-19 vaccines from spoilage

  • Protect vaccines from theft

  • Secure and track access for accountability

  • Maximize your pharmacy’s equipment budget

  • Run new vaccine freezers efficiently without risking performance impacts

Educate yourself so you make the right purchase. This guide lays out everything you need to know in a clear, concise narrative. You’ll be an expert by the time you’re done.

2X Variable Speed Hermetic Compressors


User AccessControl

COVID-19 Vaccine Storage

Guaranteed Constant Temperature Setpoint

Battery-Operated Alarm